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More About Our Services


Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients.

• Ongoing Care Management

- Family resides out of town and are concerned about parents' decreasing ability to perform routine activities of daily living, such as preparing food, bathing, and dressing.

Provided geriatric assessment and formulated a care plan which included in-home assistance, home meal delivery, and 24-hour availability to assist with caregiver problems or emergencies.

• Psychosocial

-  Family were concerned about Dad's isolation since the death of his wife.

OFC provided referrals for various senior activity programs and volunteer programs in keeping with Dad's particular interests and financial situation. Family were not aware that Senior Centers provided daily meals and socialization at minimal cost. We also located a Bereavement Group for seniors coping with loss of a loved one. OFC made the referrals and completed the application process for client.

• Transportation

-  Client was no longer able to drive and wanted information about various transportation options in her community.

Assessed client's unique transportation needs. Explained the various services available and provided referrals including volunteer and community resources. Obtained the applications and completed the process for client. OFC will also provide private transportation, if desired.

• Social Programs and Entitlements

-  Family wished to obtain in home help for their elderly parents but were unclear as to whether insurance (Medicare, Private Insurance) would cover this type of assistance.

OFC assessed the particular in - home assistance needs for this couple. Family were not aware that they were in fact entitled to In-Home Support Services through Medi-Cal. OFC made the referral and completed the application process for family.

• Mental Health Referrals

-  Daughter was concerned about her mother's increasing depression as evidenced by poor sleeping, decreased appetite,
and loss of interest in activities. Mother refused to leave home to talk with a counselor.

OFC advised family of a geriatric mental health outreach program which could see mother at home, evaluate her situation and her needs and provide the necessary mental health services. This greatly assisted mother in feeling better as well as alleviating daughter's anxiety.

We will also...

  • Provide "Friendly Visiting"
  • Make phone calls
  • Help with forms and applications
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